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Fertilising your lawn should be done at least four times a year (e.g. Jan, April, July, October)

Using a combination of organic and synthetic fertiliser will give your lawn the boost it needs to stay healthy and choke out weeds.

Oxygen, sunlight, water and nutrients the four key elements essential for your lawn’s survival. Fertiliser can be used to nourish soil lacking in nutrients. NPK fertiliser contains the good stuff that your lawn will thank you for! The nitrogen will boost the growth of the leaves, the phosphorus will help with root growth and the potassium enables the lawn to function properly.

Fertiliser is available in numerous forms including liquid, granular, slow release… the list goes on!

Liquid is fast acting given the absorption rate and will give you quicker results whereas granular fertilisers are easier to apply and will deliver all its goodness over a longer period of time.

We have a large range of fertilisers available, if you aren’t sure what is suitable for you and your lawn please enquire today.



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