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On Farm Collection in Kununurra Available. Please contact us if you require freight elsewhere.

Delivered to depot in Port Hedland, Broome, Derby, Karratha, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek.

*All prices are GST inclusive*

Lawn turf transport
$215 freight per pallet

Freight to Depot $215 per pallet (50sqm per pallet)
*Price exclusive of Karratha. 

Quality Empire Turf

Empire Zoysia

thoughtful transportation

pricing and transport

Our turf is delivered carefully and on time, for more information click the button below and get in touch. 

See below to view where we deliver too (Delivering to the North West)

Environmentally friendly turf
Port Hedland

1,583km from Kununurra

Halls Creek

358km from Kununurra

Fitzroy Crossing

647km from Kununurra


905km from Kununurra


1,044km from Kununurra

keeping it simple

finding the area of your lawn

Below we have illustrated how to calculate your lawn area.

Measure a square or rectangle lawn
Area of a Rectangle

2m x 4m

= 8m² (Sq metres)

measure a triangle lawn
Area of a Triangle

2m x 4m x 1/2

= 4m² (Sq metres)

measure a circular lawn
Area of a Circle

(3m x 1/2)² x 3.1428

= 7.07m² (Sq metres)

measure an irregular shape lawn
Area of an Irregular Shape

Break into multiple regular shapes

A: 2m x 4m = 8

B: 1m x 2m = 2

A+B = 10m² (Sq metres)

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