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Dogs are an important part of many Australian homes and although they can bring us so much joy, too many zoomies and fun on our lawns can sometimes cause damage to our beautiful, green and lush lawns.

Dogs will typically spend the most time out of the family on the lawn, so it is important that we keep our fur babies happy all while our lawn is too.

Compaction is a common issue that can occur with dogs active in the yard.

Compaction inhibits oxygen, nutrients and water from effectively penetrating the roots of your lawn which will result in poor lawn health. Additional aeration may be required to help resolve compaction that has occurred as well as extra drainage in moist and shady areas.

Is your four-legged friend a digger? Some dogs dig out of boredom, trying to escape or simply because they are playing. It is important that they are offered an alternative such as chew toys or a sandpit. Both methods work as fantastic distractions and may assist in keeping your dog busy in the yard, especially when you are not home. Regular exercise will also burn lots of their energy and is an important part of maintaining their health.

If you are finding small yellow spots on your lawn, these may be burn patches from your dog’s urine. We would recommend putting ‘dog rocks’ into your dog’s water bowl to put a stop to those patches! If the dog rocks are unsuccessful, it may be diet related and therefore we recommend speaking to your vet.

Empire Zoysia has a high tolerance for traffic however we still recommend taking the suggested steps for prevention, just in case!


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